Chrome Extension Downloader

A month ago I wanted to analyze a Chrome extension but I found no easy way to download the extension.
After some google searches and many read comments I found a solution.

Yesterday I had the same problem again and had to search for the solution again, because I couldn’t remember the cryptic URL I needed to use to download an extension from the Chrome web store.
So I decided to write a small script which will help me to download the extensions.

This way Chrome Extension Downloader  was born!

Now you can go to to easily download a Chrome extension.

You also find an easy way how to install the downloaded extension in Chrome, because Chrome normally blocks the installation of extensions which are not directly from the web store.

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Setup Postfix and Dovecot on Debian Squeeze with users stored text-file


In the following article I will explain how to setup postfix and dovecot on debian squeeze using virtual users stored in a text-file.
I wanted to setup a mail system which supports local mailboxes via imap and pop3. Next the mail server should provide connections using SSL / TLS.
Finally every users account should only be a virtual user account which is stored in a text-file instead of a MySQL database.

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